8 days
Piotr Bielecki Joanna Wróblewska Weronika Biee=lecka Baweł Grabowski
We are highly appreciative of this conference and we hope that someday we can take part in it.
We began to think about an intro for the TEDx conference before the organizers even started to think that they needed it! We just wondered how our work could make this event more attractive. That’s how the idea for an intro came up, one which is not only eye-catchy but also helps in logistics for such a big conference as this. So, our video appeared a couple of times through every day of lectures - in the beginning, in the coffee-breaks, and at the end. It was well-received – a really big prize for us!
We wanted to make a video which mixes the recognizable style of the conference with the city-style of Warsaw. What to choose from so many beautiful places? The organizers of the conference gave us a helping hand and pointed out their choices - chapeau bas for their knowledge.
The most challenging part for us was fitting correctly to the TEDx brandbook. Using red lines, we told the story of characteristic parts of the city. Do you recognize any of them?
Work began with a general vision for a video which was moved in sequence to the script and key visual.
We had a couple of takes to key visual projects and finally design was moved to a program then changed into a vectors and curves model in Red Giant.
Another challenge was to tell the story in such a short time and create a video,
which is attractive for people, even after it has been replayed many times in a row.
Oh, and remember that before the live release of a video, you have to test it thoroughly; we remembered, and actually everything was a piece of cake!
All of this was highlighted by an epic and vibrant soundtrack. Got the creeps?
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