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Education is one of the key roles of ads. Well, if all communication could work like that, we would always be happy.
Especially, when we are talking about safety – Safety when driving a car! In an uncomplicated message, rich media can always help.
For the Continental brand, we made a rich media banner with a car braking simulation.
The main point of the simulation was about driving on many kinds of road surfaces using various types of tires. Idea: a user should get know how important things like time, speed or type of tires are for the road situation. How many times have you hit a snowman? Exactly. We hope that this ad will allow drivers to think a little more.
How did we know the length of the braking distance for each speed?
Do we have the knowledge about the parameters of various tires? The client provided us with a database with very specific data and we simply migrated this database to richmedia format. As you can see, it worked very well!
Everything was complimented by strong communication.
Especially when somebody hit the snowman. Very important. Very helpful.
Watch the video. Twice. Use it in real life. Good luck!
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