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Piotr Bielecki Joanna Wróblewska Joanna Wróblewska
brand kolektyw
Ballantine’s is a very brave brand, full of passion and some burning emotions.
The work on the video was a unique opportunity to free those emotions in our studio. From the client’s huge bank of materials, we chose those which were of most value and best suited to our idea for a video.
Their brief required from us the creation of a video which could show the strength and unique quality of the liquor. The video was highlighted in those places which are most natural for this kind of liquor - pubs & bars.
How should a video which has to be eye-catching but not disturbing look?
Especially in a bar? How best to fit it to every pub and bar and also its technical requirements? It’s impossible! That’s why we made it a universal video spot, set on showing Ballantine’s brand as closely as possible.
The specific way of compiling each of the elements and special effects highlighted the final effect.
If you are curious about making a fire on a PC, we recommend you visit our blog (here - click!) - you will soon know much more!
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