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TV ad animation for Rimmel, Adidas, Playboy

TV ad animation for Rimmel, Adidas, Playboy


At the request of OS3 in Warsaw we created these fabulous TV ad for COTY brand.

Part of our job was a post production and create the nut part with packshots of every brand.







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Animation for Ballantine’s
- Hard Fire edition

Animation for Ballantine’s - Hard Fire edition


For Brand Kolektyw we worked on vital animation for clubs and Ballantine’s events.

We made a good job in montage and postproduction.

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TEDx intro for Warsaw edition 2016

TEDx intro for Warsaw edition 2016


Entire work has been done by TRZASK! Starting from the script to animation. We are proud of such a great partnership.

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PKO Bank Polski campaign

PKO Bank Polski campaign


We made a html5 creation for players :) Let’s try! These one was just the part of great banking campaign.

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Rich media for Continental

Rich media for Continental


We all know that safety in car is priority. TRZASK! create rich media for the leader brand in car tires. We were responsible for html5 animation.

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Heart and Brain Orange campaign

Heart and Brain Orange campaign


We animated our favourite brand heros - Heart and Brain for Orange. Look how there are moving out in skyscreeper!

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Toyota Ad

Toyota Ad


On the occasion of Children's Day we created colourfull screening for Toyota!

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02 - WORKS

Happy Clients!

We’ve been working for brands such as COTY, Reebok,
Microsoft, SONY, Toyota, VISA, IKEA, Nestle and many others.

When deadline is for yesterday and still you don’t want to compromise on quality, hire them!

Piotr Chrobot
Executive Creative Director - Digital - Integrated,
Wunderman MENA

The cooperation with Trzask is simply a pleasure. It is a result of several factors: professionalism, creativity, attention to details, ability to work on very short deadlines, a support in every project challenge and always can-do and friendly attitude. I would certainly recommend working with Trzask.

Jolanta Piątkowska
International Group Account Manager,
Hypermedia Isobar

I really like working with Peter, especially appreciate his commitment and that they create a projects on the high level.

Piotr Osiński
Associate Creative Director,
Saatchi & Saatchi

Studio Trzask is a huge amount of creativity, great working atmosphere, punctuality and commitment. Everything they do, they do with passion which seen at every stage of cooperation.

Maciej Skrzypczak
Managing Director,
Lubię to - Isobar

Joanna and her team created intro for TEDxWarsaw 2016. They had worked with very professional aproache, flexibility and understanding of our quite specific licensing requirements and branding. Cooperation with Trzask was a pleasure!

Ralph Talmont
Curator and Team Leader,


We are your guide
in a world of digital ads.

Studio Trzask creates every kind of internet
ad that you can imagine.
We do banners for all platforms: the web, tablets,
digital screens and other devices.
We also work with After Effects to do animations and

Trzask Studio is a production house driven
by a passionate dedication to their work.
We cooperate with the top advertising agencies
to create astounding banners with smooth animation
and advanced functionality.

We’re looking for creative and
passionate people who can help
us here and remotely.


04 - ABOUT

Our team

Piotr Bielecki
Owner & Head of Animation Studio

Joanna Wróblewska
New Biz Manager

Paweł Grabowski
Senior Production Manager & Ninja Animator

Weronika Bielecka
Production & Traffic Manager

Beata Okrasińska
Senior Digital Graphic Art Designer

Mariusz Walach
Senior Motion Designer

Anna Klocek
Digital Graphic Art Designer

Marek Kuśmirek
Junior Motion Designer

Michał Skałba
Junior Motion Designer

05 - TEAM

We have
some skills.

  • Flash (AS2/AS3)
    Flash (AS2/AS3)
  • Rich Media
    Rich Media
  • 3D modelling<br>and animation
    3D modelling
    and animation
  • HTML5
  • Video editing and production
    Video editing and production
  • Motion design
    Motion design
  • Doubleclick & YouTube mastheads
    Doubleclick & YouTube mastheads
  • Wetransfer ads
    Wetransfer ads



Desktop and TV

Boundaries and Impossibilities?
There's no such a thinks!
We do everythink you can imagine.


Mobile and Tablet

We believe that good advertising
is the one that works on all devices
and every resolutions.


Out of home

Street advertising should have
the same heartbeating as the city itself.
That's why we love combination
of these two organs so much!


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